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Speed chart of 1g through 4gOur mission at PALO ALTO RESEARCH including U. S. Center for Wireless Communications (USCWC) and China Mobile R&D program is to foster world-class research and development in emerging wireless mobile communication technologies, and to reshape the wireless and mobile communication future by innovation, invention and optimization.

Wireless applications in strong support of vehicular and pedestrian users has emerged as a cornerstone of new generation communications. When coupled to the emerging broadband wireline infrastructure, wireless access and wireless mobile will extend the benefits of multimedia services from the home and business environments, ushering in an era of anyone, anywhere, anytime, any media communications. It is within this context that the PALO ALTO RESEARCH was founded.

Since its founding, the PALO ALTO RESEARCH and USCWC are committed to developing a global research platform needed for producing future-proven wireless technology, strategy as well as business plan . The Center places very high priority on international collaboration, project partnership, critical research, joint development and technology transfer in all fields of emerging wireless and mobile communications.

In future 4G mobile communications, two economically contradictive demands will arise; ubiquity and diversity. Open, global and ubiquitous communications make people free from spatial and temporal constraints. Versatile communication systems will also be required to realize customized services based on diverse individual needs. The flexibility of wireless mobile IT (wmIT) can satisfy these demands simultaneously. Therefore, wmIT can be seen to play a key fundamental role in the 21st century.

The user expectations are increasing with regard to a large variety of services and applications with different degree of quality of service, which is related to delay, data rate and bit error requirements. Therefore, seamless services and applications via different wireless access systems and technologies that maximize the use of available spectrum will be the driving forces for future wireless developments.

The B3G/4G vision from the user perspective can be implemented by integration of these different evolving and emerging wireless technologies in a common flexible and programmable platform to provide a multiplicity of possibilities for current and future services and applications to users in a single terminal. Systems of 4G mobile will mainly be characterized by a horizontal communication model, where different communication technologies as cellular, cordless, WLAN type systems, short range wireless connectivity and wired systems will be combined on a common platform to complement each other in an optimum way for different service requirements and radio environments which in our words called “Converged Broadband Wireless Platform, or Open Wireless Architecture (OWA)“.

OWA will eventually become the global industry standard to integrate various wireless air-interfaces into one wireless open terminal where the same end equipment can flexibly work in the wireless access domain as well as in the mobile cellular networks. As mobile terminal (rather than wireline phone) will become the most important communicator in future, this single equipment with single number and multiple air-interfaces (powered by OWA) will definitely dominate the wireless communication industries.

The OWA platform can not only improve the spectrum efficiency, increase wireless data-rate and optimize network resource, but also provide cost-effective solution to enhance the wireless communication services which is very essential for the next generation business model of mobile communications.

PALO ALTO RESEARCH is an internationally orientated organization providing advanced and highly technological wireless development and design projects and products across the entire segments of wireless communications, including Beyond 3G (B3G) and 4G mobile communications – worldwide.

The objective of PALO ALTO RESEARCH is to be the customers’ most preferred, loyal, reliable and economical external R&D supplier of RF, HW, SW, BB, Silicon IP and project management within the emerging wireless mobile technologies field, including in particular the next generation wireless mobile technologies focusing on open wireless architecture.

PALO ALTO RESEARCH is also targeted to be the world’s leading independent design and development house of advanced wireless venture technologies, providing total solutions for wireless terminals and related technology of B3G mobile communications, integrating the wireless access technology and mobile cellular technology into one open wireless platform architecture.

Stay tuned and involved in our great efforts to make this center a world’s authoritative technical warehouse and world-class research body in the next generation wireless and mobile communications towards the year 2020 and beyond. PALO ALTO RESEARCH is a subsidiary of Delson Group Worldwide, funded by Mission 2020 (R) R&D Plan.


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